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  • All patients that have not been seen at Riverstone Naturopathic Health should select NO when asked if they are an existing patient when scheduling online. 

  • If the patient has had a visit with Dr. Amicone within the last 2 years, the visit can be scheduled for 45 or 60 minutes. 

  • If the patient has not had a visit with Dr. Amicone within the last 2 years, please select the 90 minute appointment option.  

  • Requests for 15 or 30 minute visits must be approved by Dr. Amicone.

  • Clinic hours: M-W 10-5, Thursday 11-6. 

Now scheduling telemedicine visits.  Select Video Consult and appropriate time.  Fees for telemedicine are the same as in office visit fees.  

Telemedicine appointments are only available to patients reside in Connecticut.

**If you are having trouble scheduling online, please call 860-361-9494 or email

Fee Schedule


Visits at Riverstone Naturopathic Health will be billed at the following fee schedule:

90 minutes: (Initial visits only) $350

60 minutes: (follow-up) $300

45 minutes: (follow-up) $225

30 minutes: (follow-up) $150

15 minute infection focus (new patient) $60

15 minute infection focus (existing patient) $40



Initial visits require 90 minutes.  Follow up visit time is based on complexity.  Please schedule the amount of time that feels reasonable.  Visits will be billed by the amount of time spent, as determined at check out at the end of the visit.  Time management is critical in this setting to avoid unexpected costs.  At the end of each visit, patients will be provided a HCFA form which can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement if the insurance carrier covers naturopathic care.   

Infection focus visits are available to both NEW and EXISTING patients.  This visit does not require the 90 minute initial visit.  These visits are 15 minutes and are intended to focus on infection symptoms or prevention.  This visit cannot be used to discuss past treatment plans or other health issues. 


After billing to insurance for 10 years in practice I have decided to no longer participate in an insurance-based practice.  The evolution of our insurance-based healthcare system is leaving doctors and patients victimized by rules, regulations and costs.  While I appreciate the benefits of medical insurance, I am working to find a more sustainable way to practice that supports longevity for both the patient and the doctor in medicine.

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